Austria kërkoi Shqipërinë e Madhe, por Boletini dhe Qemali bërën pazare me serbët dhe grekët

Elena Kocaqi

Historiania e njohur Elena Kocaqi ka reaguar në një koment të saj duke nxjerrur në dritë disa fakte të pa dëgjuara më parë.
Media Independent sjell komentin e saj të plotë si më poshtë:

Elena Kocaqi: « Në 1911 Austria kërkoj Shqipërinë nga Sanxhaku në Selanik dhe Prevez. Në 1912 Boletini bëri marrveshje me serbët që Kosova e Sanxhaku do ishin autonom brenda Serbisë. Qemali ja kaloi Epirin Greqisë. Në vitin 1912 Shqipëria u pushtua dhe do të ndahej midis fqinjëve, hyri Austria me 1 milion ushtar që çoj botën gati në luftë botërore, që shkëputi kaq Shqipëri sa kemi dhe e bëri të pavarur. Mos ishte për Austrinë as do ishim jo në hartën politike por as si komb më. Unë kam bërë doktoraturën me këtë temë, lexoje dhe flasim. Politikanët tanë të asaj kohe ishin njëlloj me këta sot, madje më keq akoma ». Përfundon komentin e saj historiania Elena Kocaqi.


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  1. Po te jete e vetete dhe e vertetuar me dokumenta autentike kjo deklerate e kesa historiane , ahere keto dy figura patriotike te Isa Buletinit dhe Ismajl Qemalit duhen analizuar ne driten e dokumentave autentik te kohes. Ne te kundert historjania Kosaqi duhet te mbaje pergjegjsi para kombit Shqipetar. Kjo mendoj se eshte nje akuze shume e rende edhe pse kane kaluar mbi nje shekull.



    The place called Greece never existed before as we know it today.

    The people who live in the so called Greece today used to be called « Romej/Romaikos » during Byzantine Empire and « Raja » during Ottoman Empire times (except the Arvanites and Chams who used to be called always by their name like « Albani », « Albanoi », etc.) and the name « Greece » never existed during Byzantine times.

    The people who live in the so called « Greece » today are NOT the descendants of ancient « Greece » (as the world history knows it – that civilization has been an Illyrian-Pelasgian civilization, intentionally misrepresented as « Greek » by con and planted « historians »).
    Regarding the religious language used in the eastern part of the Roman Empire (an invented/made-up language by Roman religious administrators called Koine/ »Greek ») – it fell out of use, and went extinct times ago (about 2000 yrs ago).

    Same happened with the Latin language (an invented/made-up language as well, which was spoken in the western part of the Roman Empire) – it fell out of use and went extinct, and is rarely spoken nowadays, except in few and certain official religious ceremonies in Vatican and for international medical terminology only.

    During Ottoman times in the Balkans, after the great powers pushed for an uprising in the place that today is called « Greece », an independent country was formed during 1821-1832.

    The majority of the population (around 92-95%) there was of Arvanites and Chameria (together with Albanian speaking regions of Follorina, Kosturi, Athens and Peloponez) stock.

    The rest of the minority population (around 5%) was of Aromanian, Slav, Turks, and Roma stock.

    The only language spoken up until 1821-1832, in the region that today is unjustly called « Greece », was Albanian.

    There were no « Greeks » whatsoever, they did not exist as ethnicity, population and language at all, up until 1821-1832 period in that region.

    Albanians also were the backbone of the uprising for independence from the Ottoman Empire – with 100% of the all senior leading commanders of the uprising for independence during 1821-1832, being of Albanian stock (Arberoret/Arvanites and Chams).

    The Arberor/Arvanite Republic was the initial nucleus independent country established in the Morea/Peloponnese region by 1821.

    The first session of the first newly elected Parliament in 1832, of this so-called nowadays « Greece », held its full Parliament proceedings in the Albanian language (« Greek/Koine » language did not exist back then in the region/area called “Greece” today).

    What is appalling to the international community of scientists and historians, is that « Greek » government today has put a total ban on the access, research and publication of the archival documentations (classified as « top secret ») of the first Parliamentary session of 1832 in « Greece » – and this is a clear evidence that today, « Greek » government is trying by all and any means in its disposal to hide the historical truth about how this « Greece » of today it came about to be.

    After the gain of independence, the region was divided, and with a prolonged civil war, therefore a united country could not be immediately established on the entire region.

    Fearing the disintegration of the region after Ottomans left (and the possibility of a return of the Ottomans), and in order to dominate the said region, Prince Otto of Germany was installed in by European powers and Russian Empire, in order to clear the mess and initiate nation – building there.

    He was proclaimed King of the region by great European powers and the Russian Empire of that time and given, at the same time, plenipotentiary powers to rule.

    The Prince Otto royal family in Germany (Bavarian dynasty) happen to be an admirer of the ancient civilizations, one of them being the extinct ancient “Greek” civilization, traces and archeological findings of which are also seen in that region called today « Greece » as well.

    Being an ancient history romantic and buff, « living in a bubble » and being completely out of touch with the realities of the Illyrian Peninsula at that time, Otto came up with the idea (in collusion also with the then Russian Empire and an anti-Christian dangerous religious cult in that region at that time – some self-proclaimed « Orthodox » Church), that the only way to keep the place together and for a chance to build a country there, was to adopt/impose some kind of neutral/foreign ancient language and culture for all people living in that place, that will make possible for the people to stick together under one language and culture imposed on them.

    Therefore, with a special royal decree, Otto proclaimed a version of the ancient artificial “Greek”/Koine language (the easier one to be taught and learned by people there in those times) as an official language of the place, and also came up with the new name for the place, calling it with a special royal decree « Greece » (a name without any historical and factual meaning).

    Everything else was banned, and the new « country » formed, was ordered to be rebuild anew in resemblance to the old romantic view of the ancient extinct « Greek » civilization, starting with the buildings, names of people, places, cities and villages, regions, mountains, fields and all were changed to made-up names borrowed from the ancient literature of an imaginary ancient “Greek” civilization.

    This of course was accompanied with money brought in by European powers to rebuild. The more people in that region agreed with the change of their true national and ethnic identity and declared themselves artificially « Greeks/Hellenes » and adopted to the new order, the more money was to be pouring in.

    Naturally, the strongest resistance to this artificial and made-up solution, was made by the Arvanites (who consider themselves to be pure Albanians at the same time – contrary to the today’s Greek governments laughable, nonsense, and desperate lying propaganda that falsely declares that « Arvanite of Greece speak Albanian but are not Albanians but Greeks ») and Chams, but at no avail.

    It is legendary, the loss by one vote (the illegal vote of then French Ambassador) in the Price Otto’s rigged Parliament of that time, of Arvanite and Chams proposal to have the Albanian (Arvanite) language as an official language of the place called ‘Greece » today, and to name and call the new country « Arvanoi (Albania) » (instead of « Greece”).

    There is overwhelming scientific and factual evidence, archival and historical documents, as well as studies and publications by major world-renowned authors and authorities in the field, about all of the above.

    One interesting fact here, is that one of the earlier German/Austrian well known historians and scientists of that time, Fallmerayer, alerted Prince Otto and others to this nonsense, of declaring a whole people and place by a name not belonging to them (so experimenting with them as they were guinea pigs), and injecting an extinct artificial language, culture and civilization on people who had no idea about it and did not belong to it at all. Well, Fallmerayer may have proven to be right.

    By the way, Fallmerayer, is a banned figure and historian by the dictatorial klepto-theocracy regime in what is called « Greece » today.

    Through a thorough fact finding mission and field observations during the same time (of Prince Otto’s installation to power in the region called « Greece » today), another world-renowned German historian, subject-matter expert and scientist of that time, Prof. Hans Heidenauer, came to the conclusion and reported back to German royal authorities that – “there are no ‘Greeks’ whatsoever in the region, they don’t exist – there are only people and a population who speak a language called Arvanite/Albanian and the people call themselves Arvanites/Albanians”.

    Another earlier government fact-finding mission about the Albanian inhabited regions in Europe, commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor of France) around the year 1800, confirmed that, Albanian regions extended from Mediterranean Sea and Peloponnese up to Dalmatia and Danube river, and eastward beyond Vardar (Dardhar) river bordering Aegean Sea.

    By the way, Germany is still paying for the Otto’s racist and ignorance blunder, even today. It has gotten stuck with the country so called « Greece ». It is now forced to pour free money, even today, out of Germany’s pocket (through European Union as well) year after year to keep it alive and going, as this « Greece » cannot stand on its own.

    It is an artificial creation of Prince Otto’s ill-conceived fantasy and the malevolent aims of then Russian Empire and the dangerous religious cult/sect called « Anadolli Orthodox » Church – a « zombie », “fake”, “scam” and a “plagiarized” country so to speak, and the new generations of the Germans and Europeans are continuing to pay the price for it.

    To illustrate, during its existence since 1832, this so-called country of “Greece » has changed twice its official language and three times its national flag, and has a mounting present-day debt of over 350 billion dollars to Germany and the European Union.

    Moreover, what Prince Otto did back then, is tantamount to a silent ethnic cleansing by alteration (followed later on by mass murder, pogroms, holocaust, and ethnocide by succeeding « Greek » governments).

    He forced inhabitants of a whole region/place (called « Greece » today) to change by force their culture, language, national and ethnic identity to something else that those people were not, so they could artificially change in order to look modern and civilized (like artificial ancient « Greeks » in Otto’s personal view) and possibly be united.

    And of course, Arvanites and Chams (as the majority population in the region) suffered mostly from this ethnic cleansing – which was later on followed even with mass killings, ethnocide, holocaust, and mass expulsions of Arvanites and Chams (who refused to change and trade their Arvanite/Albanian language for a Koine « zombie » language), by zombie and dwarf “Greek” governments and regimes that followed into the 20th century.

    Albanians are the descendants of Pelasgians and Illyrians (since 10,000 years and more ago).
    Alexander the Great -was a Pelasgian King of Illyrian/Pelasgian Confederation of Macedonia, falsely presented as « Greek » by con and « planted » historians.
    The Trojan War – was a war between Pelasgians and Illyrians – both ancient Albanian kingdoms/confederations, falsely represented as “Greek” by con and planted “historians”.

    Homer’s « Iliad and Odyssey » epic poems are Pelasgian era poems – falsely represented as « Greek » by con and planted « historians ».

    The Thermopylae Battle – was a battle between Pelasgian army (Sparta – a Pelasgian city) and Persian army, falsely represented as « Greek » battle against Persians by con and planted « historians ».

    All this revelation, informs another major and mission critical nodal point: history taught about what is called “Greece” today, it appears to be taught wrong.

    People are wrongly taught in schools that today’s “Greece” and its people are the direct descendants of “ancient Greeks”.

    “Greece and Greeks” of today, to some extent, also falsely think they are superior to others just because they are called « Greeks » and their country « Greece » by decree (not by the virtue of the truth).

    They also seem to falsely believe for some reason, they are entitled to the German and European money being handed out to them – as, it seems, they are unable to create any value-added contribution to the European economy, culture, art, business, science and technology.

    “Greece” of today consists, in other words, of a dictatorial klepto-theocratic Nazi regime on low budget, or a Nazi regime on steroid injections by Germany, Russia and BE.

    The school textbooks and historiography should change, telling people the truth as it is.

    And with this, will come many other changes, in the way we see relations with the country called « Greece » today.

    Shkencëtarët e Rinj Shqiptaro-Amerikanë
    (Young Albanian-American Scientists)
    New York, Qershor 2018
    (June 2018) ======================================================================




  3. Elena me duket harron qe deri ne 1913 zyrtarisht Shqiperia dhe Kosova ishin pjese e Perandorise Otomane dhe Mbreteria e Serbise ishte e pavarur.
    Ne 1911 Austria hedh e para idene e nje Shqiperie ne kufijte etnike te saj…por kjo nuk ishte aspak kollaj..sepse Perandoria Otomane nuk leshonte pe…ne 1912 u shpall pavaresia nga keta dy patriote te medhenj,me ndihmen e Austrise.
    Por ishte Konferenca e Londres ajo qe vendosi kufijte aktuale te Shqiperise. Aty u kacafyten fuqite e medha dhe me mbeshtetjen e Austrise u arriten kufijte e sotem…me shume nuk mund te behej, pasi edhe Serbia kishte pretendimet e saj per Kosoven dhe Sanxhakun…po ashtu Greqia ne Jug.
    Ndikimi i Ismail Qemalit dhe Boletinit mbi fuqite e medha ne Konf.e Londres ishte i kufizuar…ishin perfaqesues te nje shteti qe nuk ekzistonte ende!


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